Open Exchange in Business Groups

Mutual advice and support among like-minded people.

Practical knowledge and shared experience for your success

How about if you as an entrepreneur could openly discuss upcoming decisions and challenges with like-minded people? If you could use the knowledge and experience of like-minded people with practical advice from an entrepreneur’s point of view and thus lead your company better?

But how and where can you find it exactly? With whom can you exchange ideas on an equal footing, ask honest questions, receive uncomfortable answers and also address sensitive topics openly?

At TAB, we know the innumerable challenges of everyday business life all too well. We know that as an entrepreneur you often want a partner who encourages you, expands your own perspectives and strengthens your back.

This is exactly what awaits you at the TAB entrepreneurship rounds. In our regular board meetings, swarm intelligence is a living practice. Here you will experience a confidential exchange among like-minded people who bring in-depth knowledge, years of experience and concentrated entrepreneurial knowledge to one table.

A TAB entrepreneur board is the ideal mastermind group to work on your company on a regular basis, detached from day-to-day operations and under the experienced guidance of a professional.

Entrepreneur Board

How you can benefit from TAB Board Meetings

Get independent and practical advice from like-minded people

Discuss sensitive topics openly and on an equal footing

Experience real appreciation as an entrepreneur

Forge entrepreneur friendships in a trusted mastermind group

Work regularly and successfully on your topics

The Alternative Board For entrepreneurs who want more.

How a typical TAB board meeting works



We meet every month in a fixed group of six to eight entrepreneurs from different industries.



We learn new things about certain business areas or trends, such as in marketing and technology.



Each member presents his or her request, on which he asks the advice of the others in the group. Confidentiality is the top priority.



We set goals and mutually commit ourselves to translate the proposed solutions into action.



After all, it is a matter of consistently using the collective knowledge of the entrepreneurial group in order to realize one's own projects.