The Virtual Business Owner Advisory Boards

8 Reasons to Join a TAB Virtual Board

Greater focus on the big picture

Become a better business leader by working ON your business and not IN your business.

Achieve personal and professional growth

Be transformed by gaining valuable knowledge, helping you be a more confident and effective business owner and leader.

Increase accountability for your actions

Your TAB Board and your TAB Business Coach will both ensure any course of action you decide upon is achieved.

Trusted, unbiased and confidential

Join a group of peers that will become your most reliable source for feedback, wisdom and advice.

No more feeling isolated and alone

Avoid being overwhelmed by the issues you face in your business with a group of supportive and like-minded business owners and leaders.

Quicker and Better decision-making

Different perspectives from fellow TAB members will broaden your thinking and help you make sound decisions.

Online meetings and coaching

Enjoy the convenience of less business travel with virtual meetings and one-to-one business coaching.

Gain new knowledge and insights

Access the type of information that will help elevate your business from other business leaders and owners who are just like you.

Strategy Planning

Monthly Virtual Board Meetings

  • Online secure meeting room
  • Monthly
  • 2 hours or 4 hours
  • Around half a dozen business owners and leaders
  • Confidential
  • Professionally facilitated
  • Raise issues and ideas
  • Receive valuable advice, expertise and feedback
  • Share your own experiences so others can learn from you

Monthly Virtual Business Coaching

  • Online business coaching
  • Monthly
  • Up to an hour
  • Discuss business issues and ideas
  • Develop your strategic plan, goals and KPIs
  • Develop an issue or opportunity for your next TAB board meeting

24/7 Access to Online Business Growth Tools

  • Access to Business Builder’s Toolkit – online tool to help build your business and track progress
  • Develop robust personal and business vision, SWOT analysis, strategic plan and goals
  • Compare business priorities vs. focus
  • Access to TAB Connect – a global community of business owners and leaders for networking and advice

Collective Insight – Individual Success Surpassing Goals with Insight, Advice.

Since 1990, The Alternative Board has been helping local business owners, presidents and CEOs implement strategic plans, navigate leadership and life transitions, and grow their businesses exponentially. A TAB peer advisory board gives you a trusted, close-knit community of 8-10 high-performing CEOs and business owners who’ve faced similar situations. These peers will provide the hard hitting, honest, actionable feedback you need to move the needle of your business forward.

Advice and Resources for Successful Business

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