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Co-owner & Managing Partner, The Alternative Board® – SA

Paul Malherbe


I grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape, the driest and most arid province of South Africa. The climate of this birthplace exposed me early on to both the beauty and the harshness of life.

Formally, I hold an undergraduate degree in finance, complemented by a master’s degree in business as well as attending Harvard Business School on strategic and leadership dynamics. I spent almost a decade at the helm of a multinational organisation headquartered in Europe, represented through multiple African offices in more than 20 sub-Saharan Africa countries. I was privileged to spend 13 years at the coal-face of SME financing and entrepreneurial mentorship in South Africa. I travelled more than 40 countries across Africa, through Europe and North America, sat in many conferences and addressed many a distinguished audience about SME’s, business development and enterprise growth. In the leadership role of a large company I held boardrooms in my hand with strategy, structure, vision and team, knowing you cannot do it alone.

The boardroom battles and market strategy hold nothing to the harshness of sitting with a business owner, who has given their all, whom you have worked with to turn their business, till they finally slide you the keys to the business across the table with an “I cannot anymore”. The harshness of a restructure, walking with a colleague through a retrenchment in a corporate re-boot.

The accolades, travels and the corporate acquisitions hold nothing to the beauty of a business vision when an entrepreneur finally opens the front door for the first time, giving birth to a life-long dream. The beauty of a brilliant mind, a colleague, a protégé, a friend, whom you mentor and guide to unlock their potential and soar in their own confidence.

Life is filled with beauty and harshness. Life and business centre around people – how we treat them, respect them, recognise them. And through that, change their lives and that of those around them; changing a village.

Like my partner David, one of my favourite quotes is Teddy Roosevelt’s “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are”. Well, sometimes, you can do more, because you are there.

Co-owner & Partner, The Alternative Board® – SA

David Weideman


Whether sipping on a fresh-grounded-bean coffee at home that I made myself, on my motorbike on a dirt road, mentoring, consulting, speaking, reading, learning something new, walking the production floor, or sitting in the boardroom, I am an unapologetic challenger of the status quo. I have a simple principle for life, inspired by quotes from respectively Ray Dalio, Edgar Allan Poe, Theodore Roosevelt and Albert Einstein – “To be effective you must not let your need to be right be more important than your need to find out what’s true.” “Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see”, and find out the rest for yourself. Then “do what you can with what you have where you are” and never forget that “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results”.

With more than thirty years’ experience in banking, I have first-hand experience in a plethora of business fields and am as comfortable in the boardroom as in the canteen. Spending twenty-two years of my career in South Africa and nine years experiencing fourteen countries in Africa, I grew a particular awareness of the impact decision-making has on businesses. Having had seen how volatility in markets, as a result of exchange rates, ignorance of, and/or lack of mindfulness of macroeconomic factors, can seriously damage and even destroy any business, I developed a keen interest in helping people better circumnavigate life’s challenges, both business and personal in nature.

As both an entrepreneur and intrapreneur, I enjoy asking the unwanted questions, getting to the “real issues”. With the famous quote of Nelson Mandela – “It always seems impossible until it’s done”, I believe that – “There are no stupid people. Only ignorance. And to get rid of ignorance we need to ask as many questions as possible. Then challenge the answers. Challenge the status quo. Unapologetically.”

Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Eduan Steynberg


Growing up I believed that success comes from hard work. Full stop.

Thirty years of hard work in financial and general management led to the roles of FD, GM, MD and CEO of multimillion rand businesses, a sought-after business turnaround specialist, lifelong learner, family man and father. It worked.

Hard work also left me time poor and stress rich, with very few people, if any, to consult on big decisions, or to get support with the constant day-to-day challenges of running a business. It’s not always easy for business owners and leaders to admit they need help, but having the guidance and support of other business owners, industry leaders and experienced professionals can make all the difference. It did for me.

The Alternative Board® offers a personal, streamlined programme to help business owners:

  • Identify and achieve short-term objectives
  • Surface and address issues that are holding you back
  • Uncover new opportunities and learn from others’ mistakes
  • Get objective feedback from peers in non-competitive industries
  • Connect and learn from a global community of business owners

74% of businesses say they have become more profitable since joining TAB.
76% say they are earning more sales revenue.
90% say they have improved their ability to address personnel or organisational issues.

As the TAB facilitator in the Western Cape, I have wealth of experience at the right level. I have a good track record of growing and turning businesses around, growing profit margins and reducing debt, developing strong teams and managing diversity. In my various senior positions I learned to think and operate like an entrepreneur, focused on innovation, growth and transformation.

More about me

  • I have a finely tuned strategic eye,
  • I know how to ask insightful questions,
  • I’m not afraid to tell the truth,
  • I’m well networked, which means I have access to the right contacts and
  • I will add value.

If you have the appetite to grow and challenge yourself in your business, yet are feeling isolated and unsure, consider what it would mean to you to fix that. Get in touch for an obligation free conversation to talk about business. Yours.


Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Marco Petersen


My passion and drive for excellence has played a central role throughout my career.

Starting out as a financial controller for a large corporate, it gave me international exposure. This allowed me to move into a space where I ran my own business. During this time, I was head-hunted twice in the space of 4 years to head up the finance teams at two organisations. This culminated in the role of CFO for a mid-sized manufacturing organisation. In this role, I provided leadership to, not only finance, but also HR, Payroll, SHEQ and IT. My role was expanded to COO in 2018 where I took on the additional responsibilities of operations. Although a broad span of responsibilities, I rose to the challenge and brought clarity and vision to the team of General and Senior managers. The main focus at the time was to create one culture from the merger of three companies, seeking to unlock the value in the organisation that ensured its sustainability into the future.

12 years of board participation, being a member of various business forums and focusing on leadership development over the last couple of years has grown my strategic and leadership abilities. Frequently being consulted by senior managers, I realized I would be able to impact the business world at large. I decided after 12 years of corporate employment to focus my efforts on providing strategic and professional services to other organisations through my own business.


Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Mark Kaminsky


If your business depends on you, you don’t own a business – you have a job. And it’s the worst job in the world, because you’re working for a lunatic!” Michael E. Gerber.

I have always been fascinated with running my own business. To control my own destiny and dream while pursuing my passion and purpose. The problem though, like most entrepreneurs, we are all a bit extreme, or in Michael Gerber’s words, a lunatic.

But it’s about connecting the dots… the journey has to start somewhere.

I spent my first 13 years in business working in the corporate world, but quickly became frustrated with its apathy.

This fueled my passion to be an entrepreneur and take control of my destiny. So, after spending a few years at Sony, I started my own distributor business of Sony and other electronic products. Over the next several years this grew into an audio-visual company specializing in servicing many blue-chip companies throughout South Africa.

My real passion lies in inspiring people to do what inspires them and ignite possibility. During this time, I started a training business called Maximum Impact.

For the past 17 years I have worked as an entrepreneur, following a journey that sometimes ended in failure, and sometimes success. But as Michel Jordan said, “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”

As long as I have failed forward, I counted it as a win.

In 2014, my brothers and I formed FitChef, a disruptive health food company. Together we built a business from the ground up as we successfully created a brand that dominates the online healthy frozen food industry, as we scaled the business rapidly throughout South Africa.

Connecting the dots as I look back, it has never been about arriving at the destination of owning a business. It has always been about the journey of discovering the boundaries of what is possible, and inspiring others to do more. The journey taught me the most valuable lesson – none of us is as good as all of us.

Teamwork makes the dream work. And that is why being part of The Alternative Board is a privilege every business owner must experience.

Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Riana Olivier


During the past 20+ years I have founded and developed multiple businesses. I have worked independently as well as in collaboration with partners and venture capitalists to develop, improve and grow businesses in various industries, including the services industry, agriculture, manufacturing, and retail. My involvement in these projects included the development of business structures, financial and marketing strategies, and operational processes.   As a SAIPA registered accountant, I specialise in the financial side of the business. 

I spent nine of these years as the founder and owner of an accounting and tax practice where I assisted many small and medium enterprises. I was deeply involved with 17 businesses providing services and/or coaching in the attempt to save or improve the business. 

Sadly, I met many entrepreneurs who came to see an accountant in a desperate attempt to save their business. I have first-hand experience of the challenges that business owners face, for which the solutions cannot be found in a textbook.  The immense responsibility you feel for your employees, doubts in your ability to make the best decisions, and loneliness.  I struggled to find someone to be my sounding board and to keep me accountable on the targets I set for myself and my team.  The constant challenges of deadlines and personnel challenges ruled my life. 

It was only when my little girl asked my “Mom, if you have time, can you please buy me an eraser for school?” that I realised what an effect my busy work life had on my children. 

I now have a strict work-life balance. I enjoy spending time with my family while surrounded by nature. But I will never be fully fulfilled without working alongside successful entrepreneurs, being part of the process to make people and businesses successful.  Whatever that may mean for them.

Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Nathan Groener


I am Nathan Groener, a TAB owner with a passion for coaching and developing high achieving leaders to catapult into new levels of personal and professional success, reaching their peak performance, while living a simpler, yet more vibrant life. I am a firm believer that life is all about balance and this is what I live and preach, being a husband and a father of two.

My many years in business banking gave me insight into companies ranging from an annual turnover of a few hundred thousand rands to over a billion rands. I assisted both start-ups and well-established companies with structure finance, banking infrastructure and everyday relationship banking. I have been fortunate enough to excel and receive Top Achiever awards throughout my career at both the banking sector as well as in corporate finance. 

When promoted to Area Manager at a risk finance company I was privileged to be instrumental in the administration of funds earmarked for job creation as well as funds towards relief for industries that were left crippled by COVID such as restaurants and the tourism industry. This fed into my need to have an impact, albeit small, in the South African economy by assisting entrepreneurs with raising capital, creating employment and saving existing jobs.

This role began stirring a desire in me to impart the wisdom gained over 20 years of corporate employment in various roles studying the unique creature called an entrepreneur, in its natural habitat- the world of business and in 2022 I decided to take a refreshing deviation and founded my own business consulting and coaching  company. Although this proved to be successful, my business model lacked a certain je ne sais quoi which I later found in advisory boards under the international foremost experts on business coaching, The Alternative Board. As iron sharpens iron, the heart of my work is to utilize this platform to enable business owners to gain fresh perspective in a non-competitive environment from fellow business owners who will help keep you accountable and relevant whilst amplifying the collective knowledge of the board. I firmly believe that most of our country’s problems can be solved through entrepreneurship and I have identified my purpose in helping existing entrepreneurs succeed and creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start out.

I am an avid sports fan and a passionate cricket supporter. When I am not busy serving as a compass, directing business owners in the right direction, I can be found failing hopelessly at negotiating a little screentime to support the Springboks or Stormers with my feisty toddler daughter, despite having colleagues describe me as having the gift of the gab and the ability to sell ice to an Eskimo!

Please reach out to me if you would like to know more about how I can help your business grow and help you outline and accomplish your personal vision. It does not have to be lonely at the top!

Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Reanne van der Merwe


I have always been a numbers person at heart. That is my first passion. But as my career has progressed over the last 30 years, I have developed the skill and passion for coaching and improving people’s lives. And have become very skilled at it.

My early years and schooling took place in Pretoria. One of my favourite stories to tell is that I went to school with and matriculated the same year as a gentleman known as Elon Musk!

Over the years I have gained vast experience as a CFO, CEO, Risk Manager and CIO in various industries, attended and chaired many board meetings and committee meetings. I have been involved in both the operational as well as the strategic side of a business. I intuitively understand the difference between the two.

A successful entrepreneur and business owner needs to be resilient, passionate and solution driven. Richard Branson said:

“It’s a common misconception that money is every entrepreneur’s metric for success. It’s not, and nor should it be.”

Success can be measured is so many ways and is different for each business owner. Business success and personal vision and fulfilment must go hand in hand.

This is where The Alternative Board assists business owners to improve their business, but also to change their lives.

“Success is walking from failure to failure, without losing enthusiasm.”

More about me:

  • I am solution and outcome focussed;
  • My attention to detail is unrivalled;
  • I know how to ask the right questions at the right time;
  • I’m straight to the point and don’t mind asking the ‘difficult’ questions; and
  • I most definitely will add value.

Business Owner & Board Facilitator

Colin Carmody

Eastern Cape - Gqeberha & East London

I believe in creating experiences that bring meaningful change to people and organisations. I do this with a desire for continuous learning, listening to understand, collaborating, problem solving together and challenging the status quo with innovative ideas.

I began my journey managing theatre – restaurants and function venues and I’ve plied all the tricks of the bartending trade while cruising North to Central America. Developing people and creating learning environments in the gaming sector has afforded me the experience of living and working in each of South Africa’s major cities. This rich experience in Hospitality, Gaming and Training & Development Management over the last 20 years drives my passion for making systemic change through Organisational Development and Coaching practices.

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